Femoral Head and Neck Ostectomy for Surgical Treatment of Acute Craniodorsal Coxofemoral Luxation in Rabbits

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Craniodorsal coxofemoral luxation is a common orthopedic condition causing lameness in rabbits, which may be caused through iatrogenic, congenital, or traumatic means. Current treatment methods for coxofemoral luxation in rabbit patients typically begins with conservative management in the form of restricted activity and often results in the need for an open surgical approach to the affected hip for a femoral head and neck ostectomy (FHNO). However, this technique has never been described for domestic rabbits. Because an FHNO is often performed successfully, it should be considered by veterinarians in rabbits diagnosed with a coxofemoral luxation that cannot be reduced. This article describes and illustrates the FHNO surgical procedure for the domestic rabbit.

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