Enhancing Esthetics with a Fixed Prosthesis Utilizing an Innovative Pontic Design and Periodontal Plastic Surgery

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During the past two decades, significant advancements with the integration of periodontal plastic surgery into esthetic restorative dental procedures have received increased attention. While ovate pontics have traditionally been used as a restorative design following augmentation procedures to enhance esthetics, an alternate E-pontic design aims to predictably support and maintain the gingival architecture between a single missing anterior tooth adjacent to a natural tooth or an implant that is in harmony with the lip line and face. In addition, the E-pontic design promotes the gingival facial tissue to coronally migrate over the pontic, creating a gingival sulcus. This article describes an innovative new technique and a pontic design that predictably will develop, support, and maintain the gingival architecture to provide a long-term esthetic and functional outcome.


Over the past 14 years, it has been the author's observation that the E-pontic design and conservative surgical technique, when properly performed, will develop, support, and maintain the gingival architecture more predictably than any other pontic design observed. When the goal of tooth replacement is to achieve the optimal esthetic and functional outcome, the utilization of the E-pontic design for a fixed partial denture involving either natural teeth or implants is recommended.

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