Reductionist inference-based medicine, i.e. EBM

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Rationale, aims and objectives

Unbeknown to many, reductionist and postmodern worldviews competitively coexist in science and society. The debate on evidence-based medicine (EBM) is at the tip of this ‘iceberg’. Via systems thinking and complexity science EBM reveals crucial flaws and its reductionism entails an inability to appreciate (even tolerate) contrasting ideas and/or ‘see a bigger picture’. An interdisciplinary approach provides insight into novel explanations. Thereafter, the conceptual barrier shifts to communication, a challenge which mandates attempts to steer the discourse by reframing the debate.


Interdisciplinary perspectives serve to illustrate a ‘bigger picture’. Also, ‘wicked’ questions stimulate reflection, discern leverage points and dismantle resilient defences. Lastly, a proposal: exploring the value of ‘glasses half full’.


Some may realize that postmodern concepts behind compelling criticisms to EBM have already taken root, being shared by policymakers, practitioners and patients as well.

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