Application of Platelet-Rich Gel to Enhance Wound Healing in the Horse: A Case Report

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A large torn wound of the dorsal elbow region was observed in a 17-year-old Arabian mare. Surgical reconstruction was performed with the horse in standing sedation, but suture dehiscence occurred 2 days later. Autologous platelet-rich gel (PRG) was then applied to the wound every 3 weeks for a total of 3 administrations to accelerate good-quality healing. The wound had healed rapidly and completely within 5 months of the first PRG treatment, without chronic effects or formation of exuberant tissue granulation and with minimum scarring. This case report suggests that topical treatment with autologous PRG, as additional therapy, might be considered beneficial in the management of large-wound healing in horses, and it can be regarded as safe and inexpensive treatment that can be used in field.

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