Unilateral Amputation of the Teat for Treatment of Equine Sarcoid in a She-Donkey

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Indications for teat amputation in equine are comparatively rare, and accordingly, there is not much literature about this procedure. A seven-year-old, 182-kg body weight (BW), nonlactating she-donkey referred with a strong suspicion of teat sarcoid. Based on owner case history, the mass was ligated and sloughed once 6 months before referral. Physical examination revealed that the animal was in a good health condition except for the presence of a firm and lobulated mass with a diameter of approximately 8 cm, located on the left teat. A unilateral surgical amputation of the teat at its base which includes the mass was performed. The sarcoid diagnosis was confirmed by histopathologic evaluation. Successful healing and recovery were recorded. At this time, more than 2 years after surgery, the she-donkey has not shown any relapses. Based on the author's knowledge, this case report represents the first description of surgical amputation of the teat in she-donkey for the treatment of a fibroblastic sarcoid tumor.

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