How is the Morphometry of Stallions and Mares Show-Winning and Nonwinning Campolina Brazilian Breed with Batida and Picada Gaits?

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The aim of this study was to evaluate the morphometric measurements of stallion and mares show-winning and nonwinning Campolina breed with batida and picada gaits. A total of 167 horses (74 stallions and 93 mares), consisting of 102 batida and 65 picada gait animals, were used. Among these horses, 96 were awarded and 71 were not. Twenty linear, seven angular, and 11 girth measurements were taken. Results from the judging sessions were collected, and awards were observed in both sexes and both gaits. A descriptive statistical analysis and an analysis of variance were performed using the MEANS statement and generalized linear model procedures of SAS software. For both sexes and gait types, most size measurements (height and length) were smaller in the winning animals. Results suggested that, based on the judges' assessments, the breed is targeting the breeding strategies toward a reduction in animal size because champions are becoming a standard for breeders and technicians and are more often used in reproduction.

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