A Novel Surgical Methodology for Dual Cannula Placement of the Ileum and Cecum in Equids: Assessment of Postoperative Management and Clinical Outcome

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Cecal and ileal cannulations have previously been used to determine equine digestibility and define gastrointestinal physiology. However, research has been limited to specific portions of the equine digestive tract lacking utilization of dual cannulations. The purpose of this study was to develop and implement surgical and preoperative and postoperative procedures for cannulation of dual sections, ileum and cecum, of the equine digestive tract including development of recommendations for addressing postsurgery complications. A total of 8 ponies went through surgical procedures for the placement of a cannula at the ileum and cecum. All ponies awoke from the surgery and stood, but during postsurgical care, complications arisen including increased temperature, dehydration, lameness, herniation, and peritonitis. The survival rate of dual cannulation of the ileum and cecum was 63% of the animals with euthanization attributed to intestinal herniation. This research provides information for the academic community to better plan and implement dual cannulation of equids.

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