In vitroskin absorption tests of three types of parabens using a Franz diffusion cell

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The objective of this study was to evaluate the permeation of paraben derivatives — methylparaben (MP), propylparaben (PP), and butylparaben (BP) — in hairless mouse full skin and human cadaver epidermis using a Franz diffusion cell method, which is proposed as a reliable alternative method to an skin absorption test. Parabens, esterified hydroxybenzoic acid compounds, are widely used as preservatives in food, cosmetics, and pharmaceutical products. The skin permeation rate showed dose dependency, and the hairless mouse full skin showed a higher flux value than human cadaver epidermis. Among the permeability coefficient (Kp) values of three parabens, MP showed a higher Kp value than PP or BP. Hence, according to the definitions of Marzulli et al., parabens would be classified as “moderate” penetrants.

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