Chondroblastoma of the Talus: A Case Report and Literature Review

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Chondroblastoma is a rare, benign cartilaginous neoplasm that accounts for approximately 1% of all bone tumors, and approximately 4% of all chondroblastomas arise in the talus. Here we report a case of chondroblastoma in the left talus. The 22-year-old male patient presented with a 16-month history of ankle pain. Based on radiological and pathological examination, we diagnosed the patient with chondroblastoma. A posterolateral approach was used to allow access to the lesion. After curettage, the allogenic bone chips were packed into the talar body defect. After 2 years' follow-up, we found no recurrence or metastasis of chondroblastoma, suggesting our surgery procedure was effective.

Level of Clinical Evidence: 4

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