Outcome after Metatarsal Osteotomy for Hallux Valgus: A Study of Postoperative Foot Function Using Revised Foot Function Index Short Form

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The aim of the present study was to evaluate patients' perception of their functional outcome at 6 and 12 months after surgical correction for hallux valgus using the Foot Function Index Revised short form. A total of 59 patients underwent 68 osseous and soft tissue procedures for the correction of hallux valgus deformity from January 2009 through December 2010. The outcome analysis was based on the validated patient questionnaire, the Foot Function Index Revised. The preoperative data were collected on the day of the patient's surgery using the Foot Function Index Revised short-form questionnaire. The postoperative data were collected at 6 and 12 months after the patient's initial surgical date using the same validated questionnaire. The cumulative Foot Function Index Revised score and the scores in each subscale demonstrated statistically significant data at both 6 and 12 months of follow-up. On average, the Foot Function Index Revised scores had improved by 39% at 6 months and 50% at 12 months. The improvement in all scores indicated an improvement in health-related foot function after hallux valgus surgery, evidencing effective surgical intervention. Expectations are the best predictors of patient satisfaction, and the present study has provided statistically significant data to allow physicians to establish realistic outcomes after surgical correction for hallux valgus deformity.

Level of Clinical Evidence: 3

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