Use of an All-Suture Anchor for Re-Creation of the Anterior Talofibular Ligament: A Case Report

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The lateral ankle ligament complex is typically injured during athletic activity caused by an inversion force on a plantar flexed foot. Numerous open surgical procedures to reconstruct the lateral ankle complex have been described. In contrast, we present a case report in which an all-suture anchor was used arthroscopically to re-create the anterior talofibular ligament in conjunction with ankle arthroscopy. A retrospective analysis of a 55-year-old male with a work-related inversion ankle sprain was performed with 14 months of follow-up. Objective and subjective assessments were obtained using range of motion measures, a strength assessment, and the Foot Function Index. An all-suture anchor was deployed through the anterolateral portal and secured in both the fibula and talus, re-creating the anterior talofibular ligament at its origin and insertion. Active range of motion physical therapy began at 2 weeks postoperatively. The patient started a neuromuscular re-education program at 5 weeks with minimal pain or discomfort. A return to full duty was achieved at 3 months postoperatively. To our knowledge, the use of an all-suture anchor has not been previously reported for lateral ankle complex re-creation. It is hoped that this approach to anterior talofibular ligament repair will decrease the incidence of complications and improve outcomes.

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