Arthroscopic Resection of a Bilateral Calcaneonavicular Coalition in a Child

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Calcaneonavicular coalition is a congenital anomaly characterized by a connection between the calcaneus and the navicular. It can manifest as lateral foot pain, peroneal spastic flatfoot, and repeated ankle sprains. Surgery is required in the case of chronic pain and after failure of conservative treatment. The aim of surgical intervention is pain relief and preventing recurrence. Arthroscopic resection is a minimally invasive alternative that has the advantages of quicker recovery and better aesthetic results. This technique has shown significant symptomatic improvement and no recurrence at early follow-up points in a small number of reported cases. The present report presents the case of a child with bilateral calcaneonavicular coalition. This is the first report to our knowledge that describes the outcome of simultaneous bilateral arthroscopic resection of calcaneonavicular coalition in a child with a 2-year follow-up period.

Level of Clinical Evidence: 4

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