Open Re-rupture of the Achilles Tendon Following Minimally Invasive Repair: A Case Report

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In this report, we describe a rare complication of an open re-rupture of the Achilles tendon following a minimally invasive Achilles tendon repair on a healthy 29-year-old active male. The reinjury happened 19 weeks following the primary surgical repair of a spontaneous rupture, performed by minimally invasive technique with the help of a jig using partially absorbable sutures and four locking stitches. The wound of the open re-rupture was transverse, in a perpendicular orientation relative to the longitudinal approach used in the index procedure. Increased scar tissue formation, the absence of an adequate layer of paratenon overlying the primary tendon repair, and foreign-body reaction to the suture may have been involved in the occurrence of this unusual complication in the surgical treatment of Achilles tendon rupture.Level of Clinical Evidence: 4

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