Using the Malcolm Baldrige “Are We Making Progress” Survey for Organizational Self-Assessment and Performance Improvement

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A national healthcare company applied the Malcolm Baldrige Criteria for Performance Excellence and its “Are We Making Progress?” survey as an annual organizational self-assessment to identify areas for improvement. For 6 years, Liberty Healthcare Corporation reviewed the survey results on an annual basis to analyze positive and negative trends, monitor company progress toward targeted goals and develop new initiatives to address emerging areas for improvement. As such, the survey provided a simple and inexpensive methodology to gain useful information from employees at all levels and from multiple service sites and business sectors. In particular, it provided a valuable framework for assessing and improving the employees’ commitment to the company's mission and values, high standards and ethics, quality of work, and customer satisfaction. The methodology also helped the company to incorporate the philosophy and principles of continuous quality improvement in a unified fashion. Corporate and local leadership used the same measure to evaluate the performance of individual programs relative to each other, to the company as a whole, and to the “best practices” standard of highly successful companies that received the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award.

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