Fluorescence Enhancements on Silver Colloid Coated Surfaces

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We observed a strong, more than 16-fold, enhancement of Texas Red-labeled BSA fluorescence emission when deposited on silver colloid coated surfaces (SCCS). The same labeled protein deposited on silver island films (SIFs) showed an approximate 8-fold fluorescence enhancement. The lifetimes of Texas Red-BSA fluorescence are significantly shorter on silvered surfaces than on uncoated quartz substrate indicating a strong change in radiative decay rate of the dyes. We also observed a 36-fold increased brightness of overlabeled fluorescein-HSA deposited on silver colloid coated surface. Stronger enhancement observed for overlabeled Fl-HSA protein indicates that presence of silver particles partially decreased self-quenching. Our results indicate that surfaces coated with silver colloids are valuable substrates for metal-enhanced fluorescence.

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