Investigation of Novel Quantum Dots/Proteins/Cellulose Bioconjugate Using NSOM and Fluorescence

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We investigated the engineered bioconjugate of cadmium selenide core/zinc sulfide shell, (CdSe)ZnS, quantum dots (QDs) with genetically modified proteins using fluorescence spectroscopy, near-field scanning optical microscopy (NSOM) and spectroscopy (NSOS). The protein polymer was allowed to self-assemble to the bacterial microcrystalline cellulose surface through the cellulosic binding domain. Results from the sample containing the QDs/protein/cellulose assemblies suggest that QDs were arrayed along the cellulose surface. The spectroscopic change of spectroscopic properties of the QDs upon bioconjugation, indicating the interaction among the immobilized QDs and between the constructed protein and QDs.

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