Groundwater flood risk management: advances towards meeting the requirements of the EU floods directive

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Identifying areas that may be susceptible to groundwater flooding through both hazard and risk maps is a requirement of the EU Floods Directive. For groundwater flooding, hazard maps could show flood extent and depth or water level (velocity would not generally be appropriate) with risk maps additionally showing the potential adverse consequences. The EU Floods Directive allows Member States to limit groundwater flood maps to floods with a low probability, or extreme events. This paper focuses on feasible techniques, available data and current limitations for producing groundwater flood maps that could meet the requirements of the Floods Directive. In addition, to set mapping in the wider context of groundwater flood risk management, advances in data collection and flood warning are also reviewed. Specifically, determining the likelihood and the likely depth of groundwater flooding will be particular challenges where further work will have to build on the advances already made.

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