Standard and double-dose intravenous proton pump inhibitor injections for prevention of bleeding after endoscopic resection

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Background and Aim:

Endoscopic resection is commonly used to remove gastric neoplasms. However, effective dosing or scheduling of proton pump inhibitors for the prevention of delayed bleeding after endoscopic resection remains unclear.


One hundred sixty-six patients with gastric adenoma or early gastric cancer were enrolled. After an endoscopic procedure, each subject was randomly assigned to 40 mg every 24 h (standard dose group) or 40 mg every 12 h (double-dose group) of intravenous pantoprazole for 48 h. Second-look endoscopy was performed on day 2 after endoscopic resection to compare signs of rebleeding and ulcer status between the two groups.


Eighty-one patients of the standard dose group and 81 of the double-dose group were analyzed. There were no significant differences in the incidence of delayed bleeding events (1.3% vs 6.2%, P = 0.21) and bleeding ulcer at the second-look endoscopy (6.2% vs 3.9%, P = 0.69) between standard and double-dose groups. There were no other significant variables associated with delayed bleeding or bleeding ulcer on second-look endoscopy.


Intravenous pantoprazole 40 mg every 24 h or 12 h for 2 days after endoscopic resection was equally effective for the prevention of delayed bleeding.

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