Geriatric Psychiatry in Motion – Bringing Physical Exercise to Geriatric Psychiatry: A Multi- and Interdisciplinary Program to Promote Physical Activity Among Elderly Psychiatric Patients

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Although programs to promote physical activity have been implemented in routine geriatric psychiatry, there are presently no evidence-based recommendations and only few randomized controlled exercise trials have been conducted. Therefore, a program called Geriatric Psychiatry in Motion was established in a psychiatric hospital. The primary objective was to promote physical activity and to investigate the effects of different physical activity programs in elderly psychiatric patients. The following key features were developed and are under investigation: (1) a program to promote general physical activity; (2) specific exercise programs for inpatients; (3) specific programs for outpatient services; and (4) the implementation of an integrative objective mobility and physical activity assessment. The first results show benefits for patients, caregivers as well as hospital staff.

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