Suture Trabeculotomy Ab Interno for Secondary Glaucoma Combined With Scleromalacia

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To report 2 cases of secondary glaucoma combined with scleromalacia that were successfully treated with trabeculotomy ab interno.


Retrospective case report


Trabeculotomy ab interno was used to treat secondary glaucoma combined with scleromalacia, which occurred due to refractory scleritis, in 2 cases. In case 2, goniosynechialysis was performed before the trabeculotomy to identify the trabecular meshwork. The sclera and conjunctiva were not incised in either case.


The patients’ postoperative intraocular pressure (IOP) levels (which were achieved without medication) were lower than their preoperative IOP levels (which were recorded during the administration of the maximum tolerable medication dosage); that is, they had dropped from 24 to 12 mm Hg in case 1 and from 33 to 11 mm Hg in case 2 by 12 postoperative months. No recurrent scleritis or postoperative worsening of the patient’s scleromalacia was seen in either case.


Trabeculotomy ab interno is a very valuable treatment for secondary glaucoma combined with scleromalacia.

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