Early Reoperation Rate, Complication, and Outcomes in Resident-performed Glaucoma Surgery

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Purpose of the Study:

The purpose of the study was to examine reoperation rate and complications of resident-performed glaucoma surgeries within the first 90 postoperative days.

Materials and Methods:

A retrospective study of resident-performed glaucoma filtering surgeries at the San Francisco Veterans Affairs Medical Center between 2002 and 2014 was performed. Patients requiring reoperation within 90 days of the initial surgery were included in our study. Combined surgeries were excluded. Complications and the rates of reoperation within the first 90 days were evaluated. Clinical outcomes for those who needed reoperations were evaluated at the 1-year follow-up.


Total of 180 cases were reviewed [34 trabeculectomy, 85 Ex-PRESS shunt, and 61 Ahmed glaucoma valve (AGV)]. One hundred and four eyes developed complications, most commonly choroidal effusion (65.3%), followed by hypotony (45.2%) and wound leak (32.7%). Complications were comparable among the 3 groups, except that filtering surgery had significantly more wound leak than AGV (P<0.001). Seven (3.9%) cases required reoperation within first 90 days. There was no reoperation for trabeculectomy group. Reoperation rate was 4.7% for Ex-PRESS and 4.9% for AGV (P=0.74). Indications for reoperation were persistent wound leak (4 cases) and tube occlusion/revision (3 cases). For the 7 patients who required reoperations, their intraocular pressure at 1-year postreoperation was significantly decreased compared with intraocular pressure before the initial glaucoma surgery (P<0.001) with similar number of glaucoma medications and stable visual acuity.


Glaucoma incisional surgeries performed by third-year ophthalmology residents had acceptable and comparable reoperation rates and complication rates for patients with trabeculectomy, Ex-PRESS, and AGV. Clinical outcomes for the patients requiring reoperation were favorable.

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