Anterior Segment Optical Coherence Tomography for Targeted Transconjunctival Suture Placement in Overfiltering Trabeculectomy Blebs

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To demonstrate the utility of swept-source anterior segment optical coherence tomography (SS-AS-OCT) in guiding placement of transconjunctival sutures in hypotonous patients after a trabeculectomy.

Patients and Methods:

This is a longitudinal case series of 10 eyes from 10 patients who required transconjunctival sutures after a trabeculectomy. SS-AS-OCT was used to aid in the placement of the sutures to improve the function of the overfiltering bleb.


SS-AS-OCT reliably identified localized areas of overfiltering, allowing for targeted suture placement in 8 eyes. The 2 eyes in which localized areas of overfiltering were not found required further surgical intervention.


SS-AS-OCT enhances transconjunctival suturing for overfiltering blebs when focal fluid accumulation is visualized.

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