Sustained Resolution of Macular Retinoschisis After Trabeculectomy in a Patient With Progressive Glaucoma

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Purpose:To evaluate the clinical characteristics of a patient with primary open-angle glaucoma in whom macular retinoschisis resolved completely after trabeculectomy consistently lowered intraocular pressure (IOP).Methods:A single case report.Results:We report a case of retinoschisis involving the macula in a patient with primary open-angle glaucoma in the absence of myopic maculopathy, optic nerve anomaly, or x-linked retinoschisis. The patient’s glaucoma was associated with progressive visual field loss in the setting of IOP fluctuations related to posture. A trabeculectomy reduced IOP and posture-related IOP fluctuations with subsequent resolution of macular retinoschisis. In the 1-year postoperative period following trabeculectomy, the patient has remained without retinoschisis and visual fields have been stable.Conclusions:Improved IOP control resulting in resolution of retinoschisis may distinguish retinoschisis associated with glaucoma from other forms of retinoschisis.

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