Sustained Resolution of Macular Retinoschisis After Trabeculectomy in a Patient With Progressive Glaucoma

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To evaluate the clinical characteristics of a patient with primary open-angle glaucoma in whom macular retinoschisis resolved completely after trabeculectomy consistently lowered intraocular pressure (IOP).


A single case report.


We report a case of retinoschisis involving the macula in a patient with primary open-angle glaucoma in the absence of myopic maculopathy, optic nerve anomaly, or x-linked retinoschisis. The patient’s glaucoma was associated with progressive visual field loss in the setting of IOP fluctuations related to posture. A trabeculectomy reduced IOP and posture-related IOP fluctuations with subsequent resolution of macular retinoschisis. In the 1-year postoperative period following trabeculectomy, the patient has remained without retinoschisis and visual fields have been stable.


Improved IOP control resulting in resolution of retinoschisis may distinguish retinoschisis associated with glaucoma from other forms of retinoschisis.

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