Resolution of Chronic Corneal Edema After Surgical Treatment for Ocular Hypotony

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Purpose:To describe a case of chronic ocular hypotony and corneal edema, with reversal of the corneal edema following surgical treatment of the hypotony via bleb compression sutures.Observations:A patient with chronic ocular hypotony after trabeculectomy for advanced pseudoexfoliation glaucoma endured gradually worsening corneal edema over 1 year and low endothelial cell counts. Bleb compression sutures were placed with a subsequent increase in intraocular pressure and complete resolution of his corneal edema.Conclusions and Importance:Reversal of chronic corneal edema by surgical treatment of ocular hypotony has not been previously reported. Although corneal edema associated with elevated intraocular pressures is well understood, the mechanism by which ocular hypotony contributes to corneal edema and how treatment of ocular hypotony may improve corneal edema should be further explored.

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