Spontaneous Resolution of Delayed Suprachoroidal Hemorrhage in the Single Eye Following Needling in Congenital Glaucoma

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Introduction:Suprachoroidal hemorrhage (SCH) is a rare, but potentially vision-threatening event with poor long-term visual prognosis. At present, there is disagreement whether surgical intervention or conservative treatment is superior in the management. We report on a case of spontaneous resolution of severe SCH after needling procedure in the only eye of a young patient with congenital glaucoma.Case Presentation:A 43-year-old woman with congenital glaucoma was scheduled for bleb needling in her only eye. Preoperative best-corrected visual acuity was 20/40 and intraocular pressure 20 mm Hg. On the third postoperative day, she developed a massive delayed SCH with appositional (kissing) choroidal bullae and visual acuity was hand motion. Scleral drainage was performed after 10 days, but did not show a significant decrease of the choroidal swelling and further conservative treatment was discussed. After 2 months, choroidal swelling had completely resolved, best-corrected visual acuity was 20/50, and intraocular pressure was 11 mm Hg.Discussion:Full functional recovery and decrease of choroidal swelling may be attained with a conservative treatment of massive delayed SCH after needling procedure in congenital glaucoma.

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