Baerveldt Attached to XEN: A New Technique to Manage Failed XEN Glaucoma Surgery

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Purpose:To describe a new surgical technique for refractory glaucoma with failed XEN gel stent surgery with insertion of the Baerveldt implant.Surgical Technique:In a patient with a failed XEN gel stent, a gentle conjunctival dissection was performed to expose the XEN and remove subconjunctival obstruction thus restoring patency and flow. A Baerveldt 250 implant was inserted in the superonasal quadrant above the extraocular muscles and sutured to the sclera. The Baerveldt tube was correctly positioned to accept insertion of the present XEN gel stent. The double lumen was sutured to secure the position. Two corneal patches were sutured over the tube to prevent exposure. The usual conjunctival suturing closure was performed.Conclusion:This technique is simple and restores lowering of intraocular pressure in patient with failed XEN and potentially increases the safety of refractory glaucoma surgeries in these patients.

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