Severe Intraocular Pressure Elevation After Intracameral Healon 5 Viscoelastic Support for Postoperative Hypotony After XEN Gel Stent Insertion

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Purpose:The purpose of this article was to describe (i) a novel case of severe intraocular pressure (IOP) elevation due to intracameral Healon 5 for management of early postoperative (post-op) hypotony following XEN Gel Stent insertion and (ii) the management of this complication.Materials and Methods:A case report.Results:A 52-year-old man, with primary open-angle glaucoma and suboptimal left IOP control on maximally tolerated medical therapy, was managed with XEN Gel Stent insertion at another tertiary eye unit. Post-op, the IOP was 2 mm Hg with a shallow anterior chamber (AC) and choroidal effusions. Intracameral injections of Provisc on post-op days 1 and 3 failed to reverse hypotony. At 1 week post-op, persistent clinically significant hypotony was managed with Healon 5 injection into the AC. Twelve hours later, the patient experienced significant pain and reduced vision and presented to a different tertiary eye unit, where left visual acuity was hand movements, IOP was 70 mm Hg with a deep AC (complete ophthalmic viscosurgical device fill with Healon 5) and a flat drainage bleb with no external drainage. Emergency AC washout of the Healon 5 was performed with resolution of symptoms, visual acuity, and IOP control.Conclusions:We caution against the use of intracameral Healon 5 in the management of post-op hypotony following XEN Gel Stent insertion, given the potential risk for extreme IOP elevation and sight loss.

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