Effectiveness and Tolerance of the Hypericum Extract LI 160 Compared to Maprotiline: A Multicenter Double-Blind Study

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A randomized, double-blind study examining the effectiveness and tolerance of a standardized hypericum preparation when compared to maprotiline was performed in a group of 102 patients with depression, in accordance with ICD-10, F 32.1. The study was conducted in the offices of neurology and psychiatry specialists. The patients received, over a period of 4 weeks, either 3 x 300 mg of the hypericum extract or 3 x 25 mg maprotiline pills of identical appearance. Effectiveness was determined using the Hamilton Depression Scale (HAMD), the Depression Scale according to von Zerssen (D-S), and the Clinical Global Impression Scale (CGI). The total score of the HAMD scale dropped during the 4 weeks of therapy in both treatment groups by about 50%. The mean values of the D-S scale and the CGI scale showed similar results, and after 4 weeks of therapy, no significant differences in either treatment group were noticed. The onset of the effects occurred up to the second week of treatment, but were observed earlier with maprotiline than with the hypericum extract. On the other hand, maprotiline treatment resulted in more cases of tiredness, mouth dryness, and heart complaints.

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