Benefits and Risks of the Hypericum Extract LI 160: Drug Monitoring Study with 3250 Patients

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Effectiveness and acceptance of a 4-week treatment with hypericum extract LI 160 were investigated by 663 Private practitioners. The results of the 3250 patients (76% women and 24% men), were recorded using data sheets. The age of the patients ranged from 20 to 90 years (mean 51 years). Of the patients, 49% were mildly depressed, 46% intermediate, and 3% severely depressed. In about 30% of the patients, the situation normalized or improved during the therapy. Undesired drug effects were reported in 79 (2.4%) patients and 48 (1.5%) discontinued the therapy. Most frequently noted side effects were gastrointestinal irritations (0.6%), allergic reactions (0.5%), tiredness (0.4%), and restlessness (0.3%).

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