SNP Identification and Analysis in Part of Intron 2 of Goat MSTN Gene and Variation within and among Species

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Part of intron 2 of the myostatin (MSTN) gene of 140 goats from 24 populations and 38 sheep from 8 breeds were sequenced, and similar sequences of different species from Gene bank were also obtained to study MSTN diversity within and among species. The results indicated that there were seven polymorphic sites in the sequenced region of goat, which have not been separated by recombination (or recurrent mutation), presented complete linkage disequilibrium, and could be sorted into three haplotypes. There was no polymorphic site in the sequenced region of sheep. The haplotype diversity, nucleotide diversity, and average number of single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) differences of goats from the South group are higher than those of North group, and the corresponding value of the Foreign group is also higher than that of Chinese. The genetic differentiation (0.7558) between the Foreign and Chinese group is significant. There are two main haplotypes of the MSTN intron 2 in the goat, which may represent two ancestral types, in support of the theory that domestic goats in the world mainly originated from two ancestors based on morphology, history, archaeology, and molecular markers. The sequence differences of the MSTN intron 2 among species are greater than those within species.

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