Medical and Social Issues Related to Posttraumatic Seizures in Persons With Traumatic Brain Injury

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The incidence of late posttraumatic seizures (LPTS) in individuals with traumatic brain injury (TBI) ranges anywhere from 5% to 18.9% in civilian populations up to 32% to 50% in military personnel.


This article reviews the current knowledge about the incidence and prevalence of LPTS following a TBI, the risk factors for developing LPTS, and the options available for preventing the development of LPTS.


The psychosocial ramifications of LPTS following a TBI have not been well explored. As a result, the psychosocial findings from the current literature on epilepsy will be reviewed with the hope that the need for future TBI outcomes research to investigate the impact of LPTS following a TBI or, at least, to include LPTS as a potential contributing factor will be recognized.

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