A Tabu Search Heuristic Procedure for Solving the Transportation Problem with Exclusionary Side Constraints*

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A new heuristic procedure for the transportation problem with exclusionary side constraints is developed and implemented. Tabu search, a meta-heuristic method, is used to guide the search to follow a path selectively to prevent from being trapped at local optimal solutions in order to find a global optimal or near global optimal solution. The simplex method on a graph is employed to lead the search from one solution to an adjacent solution in order to take advantage of the underlying network structure of the problem. In the procedure, net changes in cost and in infeasibility are used to measure the attractiveness of a move, and strategic oscillation is used to implement the intensification and diversification functions. A computational experiment was conducted to test the performance of the heuristic procedure and substantial computational results are reported. These results show that the new heuristic procedure finds very good quality solutions and outperforms an existing heuristic procedure in terms of both solution quality and CPU time.

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