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Software design and development for cardiovascular genetics laboratories.

Design and Method:

Integrated development environment-Delphi 7.0, Pascal language.


The genotype-specific quality control is the most importance for accurate medical testing in a clinical laboratory. When an analysis is carried out, any acceptance or rejection must follow clearly defined rules. The logic for any given test usually arises from compliance with the directives. This is a major investment in time and capital. Nowadays, the market needs a system of LIS, that takes advantage of computers - that is, makes logical decisions based on a set of rules [1]. We have developed software «Gene Secure» to improve processes for medical organizations in areas such as clinical scheduling, decision support, and outcome measurement. The «Gene Secure» software include four basic criteria: information security, analytic phase, result entry and validation, data communications. The software also calculates and compares the key differences between, SNP genotyping and clinical response.


This concept of new cardiovascular medicine can be regarded as a continuum as it combines advanced technology, molecular markers, and genomic species in medical practice. The integration of biological markers for specific disease processes has the potential to identify patients at risk of the first cardiovascular incidents by providing target therapies for patients who are most likely to benefit, as well as to better predict the unwanted side effects of therapy.

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