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At obesity the increase in volume of visceral fat tissue occurs not only in abdominal area, but also in the ectopic of local fat depots, including the epicardial. To estimate interrelation of thickness of epicardial fat tissue (tEFT) with Insulin resistance (IR) indicators, and also to determine the predictive value and threshold value of tEFT for IR diagnostics.

Design and Method:

Research included 186 men (54,4 ± 9,1 years), with body mass index (BMI) >30 kg/m2. For the purpose of an assessment of IR and HOMA-IR index definition was carried out. Echocardiography was used to calculate tEFT.


Were allocated 2 groups of patients: group I (IR +) (n = 59), made patients with the HOMA-IR ≥ 2,77 index, average values of HOMA-IR index in this group were 4,37 (3,29; 6,26); group II (IR-) (n = 127) made patients with the HOMA-IR index <2,77 average values of HOMA-IR index in this group were 1,05 (0,49; 1,71) (p < 0,001). Average values of tEFT in group I (IR +) made 7 (7,0; 9,0) mm also were higher, than in group II (IR-) - 5 (4,0; 6,0) mm (p < 0,001). When carrying out the correlation analysis the positive interrelation of tEFT with insulin (r = 0,202; p = 0,005) and HOMA-IR index (r = 0,203; p = 0,005). One of two groups with existence or lack of IR by means of one criterion of tEFT the logistic regression analysis in which each value of tEFT acted as a predictor was carried out, and IR diagnosed by means of criterion of HOMA-IR. By results of the equation of logistic regression percent Concordant made of 91%, as coefficient of communication Somer,D 0,837 (p = 0,001). Besides, the optimal cut-off value tEFT, as noninvasive predictor of IR which made ≥7 mm.


tEFT can serve as an important noninvasive marker of IR.

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