PS 06-01 Prevalence, awareness, treatment, and control of hypertension among administrators in Sri Lanka: a cross-sectional study

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Increasing prevalence of non-communicable-diseases such as hypertension among employees is a burden to the individual, family and country. The study estimated the prevalence and distribution of hypertension and ascertained awareness, treatment and the control among government employees in Sri Lanka.

Design and method:

A cross-sectional survey was conducted among randomly selected 275 senior-officers (SOs) and 760 managerial-assistants (MAs) aged 30–60 years and attached to Public-Administration-offices in the capital of Sri Lanka between May-December 2012 in three phases (figure 1). A self-administered-questionnaire gathered information on socio-demographic and work-related information, lifestyle-practices, and medical history. Anthropometric indices, biochemical parameters were recorded. Blood pressure (BP) was measured adhering to American-Heart-Association guidelines and a person was considered as hypertensive if he/she was an already diagnosed hypertensive and/or on treatment or with a current systolic BP of = > 140 mmHg or diastolic BP = > 90 mmHg.


The crude prevalence of hypertension SOs and MAs was 32.4% (95% CI; 26.8 to 37.9) and 29.4% (95% CI; 26.2 to 32.7) respectively. The age and sex adjusted prevalence of hypertension SOs and MAs was 32.9% (95% CI; 27.4 to 38.6) and 33.01% (95% CI; 29.6 to 36.4) respectively (p > 0.05). Among SOs 173 (63.6%) were normotensives and 11 (4.0%) were pre-hypertensives and considering MAs 63.5% (n = 469) were normotensives and 7.2% (n = 53) were pre-hypertensive. Of the hypertensive SOs and MAs 46 (52.3%) and 76 (35%) were unaware they were having hypertension respectively. Of the treated hypertensives 68.6% (n = 24) of SOs and 43% (n = 49) of MAs achieved targeted control of hypertension. Among SOs 44% (n = 51) males and 23.7% (n = 37) females and among MAs 38.7% (n = 65) males and 26.6% (n = 152) females were hypertensives. Prevalence of hypertension rose with age among SOs and MAs.


Prevalence of hypertension among the employees was high, with inadequate awareness, treatment and control of BP. Sustainable work-place screening and health promotion activities are necessary in improving detection, treatment, control and awareness raining to control hypertension.

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