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Objective:Vitamin D is a pro-hormone that plays an essential role in the vasculature. Many studies showed Vitamin D deficiency as a risk factor for arterial hypertension and positive effect of Vitamin D supplementation in hypertensive patients with low 25-hydroxyvitamin D.Design and Method:In a cross sectional study, main cardiovascular risk factors in all bank stuffs with 30 year old and older were measured by a trained research team. Blood samples were drawn for biochemical testing and physical examinations were done by general physicians. Levels of 25(OH) D are interpreted as 21–29 ng/mL Vitamin D insufficiency and < 20 ng/mL Vitamin D deficiency. Data analysis was done using SPSS 14 software and χ2 test.Results:A total of 340 persons [297men (87.4%) and 43 women (12.6%)] aged 30 to 59 years with mean age of 43 ± 6.1 years were enrolled. Only 28 persons (8.2%) had serum vit D level more than 30 ng/mL, 18.5% were in insufficient Vit D group and 73.3 were suffering of Vit D deficiency. prevalence of hypertension among this population was 14.5%. There were not any differences between hypertension and serum level of Vit D in this population group.Conclusions:This study showed no relation between hypertension and serum vit D level and more detailed work is needed to recommend vitamin D as a therapeutic option in the improvement hypertension.

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