OS 22-03 Joint effect of pre-existing hypertension and diabetes on cardiovascular diseases and mortality in the middle-aged Koreans

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Hypertension (HTN) and diabetes (DM) have been reported to cause other cardiovascular diseases (CVD). However, evidence of the joint effect of hypertension and diabetes based on real world data is limited in Korea. We aim to evaluate the risks of onset cardiovascular diseases in relation with pre-existing hypertension or diabetes in the middle-aged Koreans using Korean National Health Insurance Database.

Design and Method:

The 88,187 middle-aged Koreans who did not have any major cardiovascular diseases except for HTN at baseline were analyzed. We divided those at baseline into four groups categorized as HTN, DM, HTN&DM, and control. Multiple logistic regression analysis was conducted to compare the odds ratios for incident CVD and all-cause mortality by each group.


During the 10-year follow-up, 27,865 cases (31.60%) of major CVD and 3,895 deaths (4.42%) occurred in subjects. Compared with the control group, the adjusted odds ratios for other incident CVD in patients with HTN and DM and both groups were 2.13, 2.11, and 3.27 in men, 2.05, 1.80, and 3.22 in women, respectively. The adjusted odds ratio for mortality in patients with both HTN&DM was also higher than other groups.


The pre-existing hypertension increased the risks of incident cardiovascular diseases as much as the pre-existing diabetes did. The coexistence of HTN and DM increased the risks of incident CVD and mortality. Therefore, patients with HTN and DM need precautions.

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