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Objective:Issue related to the increase of elderly population is aging, this is related to functional capacity of elderly that is maintained by muscle mass and strength which decrease over time.1,2,3,5 Functional capacity in eldery can be diagnosed with physical performance, which affected by chronic disease, especially hypertension.8,9 The aim of this study was to investigate the prevalension of physical performance and its relation to hypertension in elderly.Design and Method:This is a cross sectional study involving 190 respondents aged 55–97 years. Physical performance was assessed by Timed-Up-and-Go test (TUG). We use sphygnomanometer to detect hypertension, to assess whether there is a relationship with another chronic disease, we assess fasting blood glucose analysis for diabetes mellitus and questionnaires to assess the presence of cardiovascular disease. Data analysis performed using chi square method with p = 0,05.Results:Physical performance was positively associated with hypertension (p = 0,012), yet there is no association between physical performance and another chronic disease, such as diabetes mellitus (p = 0,106) and cardiovascular disease (p = 0,294).Conclusions:This study showed a significant association between hypertension and physical performance.

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