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Ifluence expression hypothyroidism (ExH) on the feature of metabolic syndrome (МS) development at the patients with hypertension (H) remains not up to the end investigated. Hypothyroidism progressively increases development of risk of cardiovascular diseases.

Design and Method:

220 women who have made up 2 clinical groups are being surveyed:1 group of 108 patients (53,6+1,6 years) with hypertension, abdominal obesity and hypothyroidism (TSH15,4+2,3 IU/ml,FT4 0,35+0,2 ng/ml);2 group of 112 patients (55,3+2,5 years) with hypertension, abdominal obesity and medicament compensated hypothyroidism function by levothyroxinum natricum (LRT) in the dose of 50 mg per day-during 3 months in treatment (ТSH3,1+0,4 IU/ml,FТ40,9+0,1 ng/ml)-of pathogenetically therapy. For all researched patients were carried out measurement of waist circumference (WC),blood pressure (BP) and the 24-hour BP-monitoring, echocardiography, fast levels of glucose, insulin and lipid levels. The insulin sensitivity was estimated by the homeostasis model assessment (HOMA) method. The identical antihypertension and statin therapy was appointed in both groups.


It is marked, that patients of 1 group had authentically significantly more pronounced displays of abdominal obesity (WC112,4+2,8 sm) in comparison with 2 group (WC92,3+2,1 sm) and parameters of body mass index differ (35,7+1,2 and 30,20+1,1 accordingly). In 1 group diastolic hypertension (153/111 mmHg) was fixed. In 2 group hypertension (140/80 mmHg) was fixed. In 1 group, changes of fast levels of glucose (5,5+0,2 mmol/l) have not been revealed and attributes of the insulin resistance (HOMA3,4+0,3),that distinguished them from patients of 2 groups (HOMA2,3+0,2). The distinctive feature of the 1 group was authentic ally higher in comparison with the 2 group and parameters of the triglycerides (TG) levels (2,5+0,4 mmol/l) were lusher to. The given echocardiographies in 1 group have shown the tendency to increase in the size of the left atrium and increase of the left ventricular mass index (124,1+3,2 g/m2) in comparison with the group.


It is established, that manifestation of hypothyroidism in patients with abdominal obesity being is accompanied by diastolic hypertension, by more expressed lipids disorders and changes of hemodynamic parameters of the left atrium and ventriculum, not a favorable type of HOMA-index. For patients of medicament compensated hypothyroidism levotiroksinom all indexes function, were better, due to the combined therapy: antihypertension, statin + pathogenetically therapy.

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