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Study of the frequency of occurrence of hypertension, stress in doctors in rural and urban institutions of the Republic of Ingushetia

Design and Method:

Survey method using questionnaire to study the frequency of formation of stress hypertension among doctors and 900 rural and urban institutions of the Republic of Ingushetia aged 25 to 75 years


The analysis showed that the majority of urban and rural doctors (mostly men) often experience stress in the workplace (at 62.8 and 64.2 percent, which undoubtedly, leads to the formation of arterial gipertenzii. The prevalence of hypertension among the study reached 47% in General, and of physicians surgeons exceeded 57%. There is a low adherence to therapy using non-pharmacological approaches as well as to the permanent use of antihypertensive drugs. So 55% of respondents do not use non-pharmacological approaches in the treatment of hypertension, in particular, 46% did not reduce salt intake, 53% of respondents with hypertension regularly took antihypertensive drugs. The proportion of men surveyed city and rural institutions, have not executed anyone in therapy was 27 and 32 %, among women obscurely figure was 8% and 18%.


The prevalence of burnout syndrome among physicians exceeds the performance in the General population. It is advisable to develop a comprehensive program to optimize the medical care of health workers

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