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Objective:Evaluation of arterial stiffness indicators in patients with proven coronary heart disease (CHD).Design and method:112 men with CHD were examined. The mean age was 55,4 ± 8,1 years, duration of CHD was 12,5 ± 1,6 years. 52 patients (46.4%) had previous acute myocardial infarction, 60 people had a stable angina of second functional class. The diagnosis was verified by coronary angiography. Hypertension was found in 59 patients (52,7%), 15 subjects (13,3%) suffered from diabetes mellitus type 2. 48 people (42.9%) smoked. All patients received standard medical therapy: beta-blockers, angiotensin converting enzyme inhibitors, statins, disaggregants. The arterial stiffness was assessed by volume sphygmography (brachial-ankle method) using the device VS-1000 (Fukuda Denshi, Japan) on the following parameters: pulse wave velocity (PWV) in the arteries predominantly elastic type on the left and right (R-PWV, L- PWV), mostly muscle-type (B-PWV), PWV in the aorta (PWV), cardio-ankle vascular index − CAVI1 and L-CAVI1, augmentation index (R-AI), and automatically calculates the biological age of the patients.Results:Parameters of arterial stiffness in patients with acute myocardial infarction were the following: aortic PWV - 7,9 ± 2,4 m/s, R/L-PWV − 12,9 ± 2,3 m/s, B-PWV − 6,7 ± 1,7 m/s, CAVI/L-CAVI1 − 7,9 ± 1,8, R-AI − 1,12 ± 0,2. In patients with angina pectoris analyzed parameters were not significantly different: PWVao - 7,8 ± 2,4 m/s, R/L-PWV - 13,6 ± 2,8 m/s, B-PWV − 6,9 ± 1,7 m/s, CAVI/L-CAVI1 − 8,3 ± 1,5, R-AI - 1,13 ± 0,2. Biological vascular age in both groups was not significantly different from the passport and was, accordingly, 52,6 ± 13,0 and 57,1 ± 12,3 years.Conclusions:Regardless of the form of coronary heart disease (angina or myocardial infarction), parameters of arterial stiffness in the arteries of various types did not differ significantly, indicating the same expression in the atherosclerotic process.

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