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Assessment of occurrence of various types of arterial hypertension (AH) at pregnants taking into account indicators of aortic pressure and features of central pulse wave.

Design and method:

Under supervision there were 253 pregnant women (PW). Middle age 28,1 ± 2,4y.o. It was studied profile of main risk factors (RF). Cardio-vascular activity was examinated by means of diagnostic BPLab complex (Petr Telegin, Russia) within software of Vasotens Office. It was evaluated such marks as systolic BP aortic, diastolic BP aortic, augmentation index in aorta (AIxao), pulse pressure amplification and others. Comparison of indicators central and peripheral pressure allowed to differentiate various types of AH – system, hidden and false. Data are processed by means of the software package of Statistica 8.0. Data are presented as medians.


It was revealed system AH 2,75%, hidden AH 7,5%) and false AH 2,75% PW. In groups with raised clinical BP (system and false AH) was authenticated higher value aortic PP in comparison with normotonic women and ones with hidden AH - 36, 38 and 29, 27 mmHg respectively. Women with hidden AH were characterized by the greater value of index AIxao in comparison with other groups. Frequency of development of preeklampsiya (PE) in normotonic women is 0,9%, in group of system AH - 14,3%, in group of hidden AH - 10,5%. Among personalities with false AH cases of PE wasn’t revealed.


The obtained data allowed to establish more frequent occurrence of the hidden AH in comparison with false and system ones together taken. Practical importance of problem is confirmed by association of such AH at PW with high values of rigidity of aortic wall and with rather frequent development of PE. It indicates expediency of more widespread introduction of assessment of central pressure in daily work of therapist, participated in carrying out preventive supervision of PW.

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