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Bronchial asthma (BA) is a serious global problem. It was found that the frequency of arterial hypertension (AH) detection in patients with asthma is about 30 %. Aim. To compare of heart remodeling in patients with a combination of AH and BA, and with isolated AH and BA

Design and method:

35 patients with controlled BA and combined with AH 1,2 degrees (group I). The group II of 30 patients with AH 1,2 degrees and the group III of 31 patients with BA were taken for a comparative analysis. The diagnosis is BA exposed by criteria of GINA 2014. The diagnosis of AH and extent of increase the blood pressure (BP) - on the basis of criteria of WHO 2013. In groups of comparison there were no statistically significant distinctions of an average the BP, groups were comparable on age, sex and an experience of AH (p > 0,05). All patients were performed the echocardioscopy on Acuson 128XP/10c (USA). The obtained data were processed by method of variation statistics.


The Index of weight of myocardium of left ventricle (IWMLV) in group I - 121,1 ± 1,62 g/m2, p = 0,01, exceeded similar indicators of groups II and III - 87,55 ± 2,65 g/m2 and 112,1 ± 1,97 g/m2. The thickness of a back wall of the LV (TBWLV) in group I - 1,16 ± 0,03 cm, p = 0,045. I exceeded indicators of group II and III - 0,93 ± 0,02 cm and 1,08 ± 0,03 cm. Prevalence of the maximum speed of active filling (A) over the maximum speed of fast filling (E) was noted in all groups. Relation E/A - 0,88 ± 0,05, p = 0,045 was reliable less in group I, than in groups II and III respectively-1,04 ± 0,07, 0,98 ± 0,03. Values of fraction of emission according to Simpson at patients of group I - 62,7 ± 1,8%, groups II and III - 65,3 ± 2,4%; 64,5 ± 1,6%, didn’t differ authentically, p > 0,05.


Patients with confirmed myocardial hypertrophy and diastolic heart dysfunction occurred in all groups, but the number of them was greater in the group with combined pathology. Systolic dysfunction was not registered significantly in any of the groups in this study.

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