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In Portugal, there are about two million hypertensives. Of these, only half are aware of the fact that they suffer from high blood pressure and only a quarter is undertaking medication and some mere 16 percent are controlled.


The purpose of this study was to evaluate the impact of AHT in inpatient episodes over 14 years among the inpatients (DI) in Portugal, studying the association between diabetes mellitus (DM) and obesity (Ob).

Design and method:

We used the DRGbase of inpatients. The following variables were analysed: AHT(yes/no), age groups(G1:19and40; G2:41and65; G3:66and80; G4:greater than 81years), gender (m-male/f-female), DM (yes/no) and/or Ob (yes/no). We used the model ANOVA and chi-square, having considered significant values of p < 0.01


Between 2000 y 2013 there has been an increase in episodes with AHT, and in older groups we have been watching the doubling of patients admitted with AHT. Furthermore there is an increase in the number of episodes related to age classes (G1:1.0 and 2.76%, G2: 13.2 and 29.6%, G3: 22.3 and 54.1% and G4: 20.5 and 57.2%,p < 0.01), with a break-down sex (Table 1). The presence of DM increased between 2000 and 2013 in these patients, being significantly higher in the group with AHT compared to non AHT(NAHT) and with differences in terms of sex (Table 2). In relation to Ob, we can see an increase between 2000 and 2013 and was significantly higher in patients with hypertension (G1_AHT: 8.2 and 22.7%, G1_NAHT:0.3% and 3.4%, G2_AHT:8.5% and 18.7%, G2_NAHT1.0% and 4.4%, G3_AHT:4.8 and 13.8% and G3_NAHT:0.7 and 3.9% in G4_AHT:1.4 and 7.8% and G4_NAHT:0.4 and 2.3%, p < 0.01) (Table 3).


AHTC is becoming a more common condition and has been increasing its presence between 2000 and 2013, existing a direct relation with age and sex groups. Associated with AHT there is an increase in DM and Ob, this could be the result of an increase of the pathology itself or merely an improvement in the quality of the records. In any case it must imperatively be deemed a public health problem. The correlation of this pathology with hypertension, obesity and DM is hence clearly demonstrated.

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