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Determination of therapeutic adherence in patients with hipertension.

Design and method:

Observational study, including 63 hypertensive patients, taking at least one antihypertensive drug.

Design and method:

The patients were included in a sample, wich attended medical atendence between september-december 2015. All hipertensive patients had more than 18 years old and were taking at least one antihypertensive drug. All of them answered to a anomymous validated questionary regarding hipertensive drug adherence.


From the 63 patients, 52% were male and 48% female. 76% never ou rarely forgot to take their antihypertensive drugs. 22% answered that sometimes and 2% answered that always forgot to take their medication.


6% answered that it was usual to take more than one pill when feelt worse from their health. 2% said frequently and 16% answered sometimes they didn[Combining Acute Accent]t take their medications when it was finished, before attended the physician.


57% of the patients that forgot to take their medication where males and 43% where females. 71.4% where obese or over weight. 64% where taking 3 anti-hypertensive drugs. 14.3% didn[Combining Acute Accent]t have normal tensional values.


Therapeutical adherence results from an agreement between the physician and the patient. In this study, one quarter of the patients sometimes forgotten to take in their anti-hipertensive medication. It is very important to make the patient understand the importance of taking the drugs to control hipertension and its consequences.

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