A11055 The new role of health manager in the Internet + time

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Objectives:1 The difference between the informationized hypertension management model including “health manager" and the traditional hypertension management model. 2 Evaluate the economy-benefit ratio.Methods:1 From Marth to August 2017 we recruit 210, 40–70 year old chengdu 1–2 levels of mild hypertension patients in community, with bluetooth transmission device (Omron 1000), by mobile phone APP to view blood pressure etc.; 2The patients were randomly divided into group A and group B, group A (N = 112) or high blood pressure level 3 traditional management mode, west china hospitial doctor - community doctor - patient, each patient and community doctors communicate directly, including blood pressure cuff binding, mobile phone APP to upgrade and other technical problems and when the community doctors can’t deal with it, then through the WeChat circle; 3 B group by using “health manager" new three-level management pattern, the problems in patients with shunt, health administrators to be held by a nurse, mainly be responsible for the technical issues unrelated to blood pressure control, including the sphygmomanometer binding, bluetooth connectivity, etc. 4 After 3 months, the blood pressure control rate was compared.Results:1 The blood pressure control rates in group A/B were 65% and 72% respectively, and B group significant increse hypertension control (P < 0,05).2 After 3 months of follow-up, it was found that 75% of the patients in the two groups came to the community, which had nothing to do with blood pressure control, which was mainly the problem of Internet application.Conclusion:1. Under the Internet + era, the problem of hypertension community management is becoming more and more prominent. It is necessary to divide the patients’ problems into treatment, reduce the cost benefit and increase the control

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