A11483 Effect of Circadian Restricted meal on Blood Pressure in Young Hypertensive Individuals

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Objectives:This study examines the effects of circadian restricted feeding on Blood Pressure in essential HypertensionMethods:82 subjects with stage 1 Essential Hypertension, aged 18–40 years, were evaluated, educated, examined and trained in circadian eating pattern for a week. Half of the volunteers were randomly, advised to consume similar diet daily, only one difference was made that all participants were asked to take dinner early before 7PM Their Body weight, height, waist and hip circumferences, physical activity, food intakes blood pressures and heart rate (5 min), were recorded after 5 min rest in sitting position by the same doctor. All data were measured at baseline, after 4 weeks and after 8 weeks and 12 weeks in all the subjectsResults:Mean body weight, body mass index as well as systolic and diastolic blood pressures were significantly lower in the study group in comparison to control group.Conclusion:This study reveal that circadian time restriction of food intake was associated with lower weight, BMI, systolic and Diastolic BP,

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