A11389 White collared people and housewives are carrying high risk with undetected hypertension in India

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Objectives:53705 individuals of more than 18 years of age after taking due consent,were screened for their blood pressure. Targeted population included those who have not measured their blood pressure in last one year. We measured their blood pressure with the intention to know undetected hypertension among apparently healthy population at 104 centers across India.Methods:Omron electronic BP instrument has been used to measure blood pressure. Two readings has been taken and second one is recorded in data sheet which was approved of Independent ethics committee. People have been approached by door to door survey.Results:48436 people had not measured their blood pressure for last one year. 56.9% were male. 17.8% of them found hypertensive while this percentage among females was 8.25% only. Only 24.4% people who have been detected with hypertension were aware about hypertension. Overall prevalence of hypertension in those who were not measured their blood pressure in last one year was 13.69%. This undetected hypertension has been most common in elderly age group above 55 years i.e. 32.16% who were otherwise healthy and not knowing about their hypertension. People between 35 to 55 years of age had 16.65% undetected hypertension and among those having less than 35 years of age, it was 4.82%. Biggest percentage of this hidden hypertension was among white collared 33.38% followed by blue collared having 19.86% and housewives having 19.73% with no statistical difference.Conclusion:white collared people and housewives are on higher risk of hypertension. As it is major cause of cardiovascular morbidity and mortality, it is important to keep a record of blood pressure of every individuals so that they can be prevented of dreaded outcomes. Awareness drive should also be run.

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