A11559 Exacerbation of hypertension by stress vis-a-vis urban-rural living among Ao Nagas

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Objectives:The present study was conceptualized to study the contribution of psychosocial stress to the development of hypertension among Ao Nagas residing in urban and rural areas.Methods:A cross-sectional study was conducted among 806 Ao Nagas of Nagaland (North-East India), aged 20–49 years. Data for urban arm of the study was collected from Delhi and Mokokchung town of Nagaland while rural arm included data from six villages under Mokokchung district of Nagaland. The study was approved by the Institutional Ethical Committee. A written informed consent was obtained from the individuals who were willing to participate in the study. Each study participant was interviewed in person using DASS scale (consists seven questions) for measuring level of stress and blood pressure measurement was also taken using standardized technique. Cut-off score recommended for stress subscale (subscale scores = sum of item scores) as suggested by the Black Dog Institute, Australia (2013) was used. In the present study, mild and moderate category were clubbed as mild stress and severe and extremely severe were clubbed as severe stress.Results:43.6 %, 48.4% and 31.6% of the population were found to be under stress in the city, town, and villages respectively. Females were found to be more under stress than the males in all the habitats. Among males, city (1.72 times) and town residents (1.26 times) who were under stress were more likely to be hypertensive than the males who were not under stress. The entire city (0.66 times), town (1.40 times) and village (1.72 times) females who were under stress were more likely to be hypertensive than those who were not under stress.Conclusion:Women reported higher level of stress than men irrespective of rural-urban habitat. Ao Nagas who were under stress were more likely to be hypertensive.

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