A15472 Effect analysis of “Shuang Quan programme” on community remote health management of hypertensive

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Objectives:The Internet cloud platform and intelligent hardware are applied to remote health management for hypertensive patients signed by family doctors, so as to improve the prevention and treatment effect of family doctors on hypertension patients and managerial effectiveness. Further strengthening the information construction of the hospital, building a demonstration community of long range management of chronic disease.Methods:In the matter of long distance management of hypertension, a cluster random sampling method for accurate health assessment of 626 hypertensive patients in this area: 24 hour ambulatory blood pressure monitoring service for patients with high blood pressure complications, interpretation of monitoring reports by intelligent means such as large data (special cases can be interpreted by remote experts),and through the system of diagnosis and treatment plan for the patient's medication plan to put forward effective advice.Results:After 1 years of remote health management, the compliance of life style intervention, medication compliance and the rate of blood pressure control were significantly improved in patients with long distance health management.The main factors affecting the compliance of lifestyle intervention were BMI index, smoking, drinking, exercise and emotional state.Drug compliance increased from 43.29%to 63.42% (x2 = 111.69, P < 0.01), and the control rate of blood pressure increased from 30.03% to 59.74% (x2 = 50.95, P < 0.01),the difference was statistically significant.Conclusion:Family physicians’ remote health management for hypertension patients in the community helps to improve patients’ health management and compliance with family doctors’ contract services.

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